Coffin House
14 High Road, Newbury
Phone: (978) 462-2634
*Open Seasonally
Built around 1654 and occupied for almost 300 years, this house is a prime example of first period architecture. Owned and operated by Historic New England, its exhibits demonstrate the evolution of life in rural New England.

Cushing House Museum
98 High Street, Newburyport
Phone: (978) 462-2681
*Admission charged.
This 21-room brick Federal style building is a National Historic Landmark. The rooms are maintained in the style consistent to the era of Yankee maritime trade. Visitors can view collections of fine furniture, portraits, clocks, silverware and other artifacts of 19th century life.

Custom House Maritime Museum
25 Water Street, Newburyport
Phone: (978) 462-8681
*Admission charged
This granite building was erected in 1835 from plans created by architect Robert Mills, a federal govenrment architect renowned for his design of the Washington Monument and the U.S. Treasury building. Destined for the wrecking ball, the building was saved in the late 1960’s by local residents and became the focal point for the restoration and revival of present-day Newburyport. The museum exhibits artifacts from Newburyport’s rich maritime history.

Lowell’s Boat Shop
Point Shore, Amesbury
Phone: (978) 388-0162
Opened in 1793, this is the oldest continuous boat-building operation in the U.S.. Its primary design, the Amesbury dory, was considered by many to be the finest in New England. Managed by the Newburyport Maritime Society, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm
5 Little’s Lane, Newbury
*Admission charged
This museum is special due to the unique manor house built of stone and brick (c.1690). For over three centuries, this 230-acre farm had been an integral part of the local economy. Open seasonally and operated by Historic New England, its purpose is to provide a link to New England’s rich farming heritage.